Altered Electric Skateboard

Altered Electric Skateboard

Zip along with ease on the Altered Pro Module 600 Wireless Electric Skateboard ($500). This self-powered classic longboard can go from 0-19 mph in just four seconds, and has a range of 8-12 miles on a single charge. A trigger-based wireless remote keeps you in control of acceleration and braking, while you focus on your grinds, ollies, and grabs. Cooler than a scooter, more punk than a Segway. We like.

  • Callaway I-MIX

    The future of golf technology is here. The Callaway I-MIX system allows for easy swapping of different shafts and clubheads, letting you switch out parts to match the conditions or course. Start with either a FT-5 or FT-I clubhead, and then pick and choose from over 70 different shafts from seven different makers to make your perfect club. The included tool binds the shaft to the clubhead securely, letting you make a swap in around 30 seconds. Need more loft? More stiffness? You got it.

  • Residential Bowling Lanes

    Take your dudeness to a whole new level with a Residential Bowling Lane ($TBA). They feature full-length, regulation lanes, genuine AMF and Brunswick equipment, and require over 1,000 sq ft. of space for a pair of lanes. Built to USBC standards, these custom lanes provide all the fun of a night at the alley without the stinky rental shoes, hassle of travel, or pesky managers that call the cops when you bust out a handgun to settle a line violation.

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