Alva LED Pendant Light

All the benefits of LED lighting, none of the style-cramping design. Appropriately named for an Edison-style light, the Alva LED Pendant Light uses a downward-firing LED to light the detailed "filaments" that are laser-etched in the optic crystal bulb, giving it a classic look. The 14.5 watt light delivers up to 290 lumens of illumination, can be adjusted from 3,000K to 2,200K depending on your needs and preferences, and is completely dimmable. Available in two finishes, it arrives with six feet of cuttable cloth cord.

  • Lumir C Candle-Powered LED Lamp

    Yes, we know — technically, the candle is going to put off light on its own. But there's a big difference between the luminance of a votive and the light sources inside the Lumir C Candle-Powered LED Lamp. This highly-portable light uses the heat energy from small candles to power an LED light, giving you a reliable source of light no matter where you are. It's available in two varieties: Mood, which uses an array of four LEDs and a diffuser for ambient light, and Spot, which has a single, aimable LED for tasks like reading or working.

  • Fluxo Smart Lamp

    As we move towards smarter lighting solutions, it's becoming obvious that the lights of the future will let us pick their hue on-demand. The Fluxo Smart Lamp is a pendant-style light that lets you change both the color of your light and it's direction. Thanks to a ring-shaped cluster of LEDs, it can send its light in any direction you choose. It also learns your routines and adjusts the lighting based on your preferences, and turns itself on and off using built-in presence detection sensors. Which makes it not just smarter than a normal LED bulb, but better looking, too.

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