Amabrush Automatic Toothbrush

We know we need to brush our teeth. Whether we're skipping brushes, not brushing long enough, or simply not using our brush correctly, many of us don't get our teeth as clean as they should be. The Amabrush Automatic Toothbrush aims to change all that. It has a flexible mouthpiece made from antibacterial silicone that attaches to a powered handpiece to get your teeth clean in just ten seconds. The handpiece also has a built-in mechanism to dispense specially formulated toothpaste automatically and connects to the mouthpiece magnetically — meaning it's easy to have multiple people using the same unit.

  • Panatea Instant Matcha

    Matcha green tea is a great coffee alternative​ with tons of health benefits. It​ ​delivers comparable energy without the jitters or caffeine crash​ of coffee​​, and it's​ ​packed with ​healthy ​antioxidants​ that support metabolism. PANATEA Instant Matcha packets are the perfect way to enjoy this clean green energy​. Made from the best matcha​ in Japan, these​ ​packets dissolve instantly in hot or cold water, making them ideal for​ ​drinking on the go and at the gym.

    Presented by PANATEA.

  • One Drop Diabetes Tools

    For many, keeping track of blood glucose, medication, food, and activity is essential. One Drop Diabetes Tools are an elegant way to do so. The monitor links to a mobile app via Bluetooth and shares its sleek chrome and black design with the test strip canister and lancing device, all of which pack away in a black case. Instead of forcing you to make monthly trips to the pharmacy, they offer an ongoing subscription plan that gives you unlimited strips, plus around the clock access to diabetes support from certified diabetes educators via the app.

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