Amazon Echo Show

It was inevitable that we'd see Alexa joined with a screen. The Amazon Echo Show is exactly that. In addition to all the stuff its screenless siblings can handle, the Show can also play YouTube videos and flash briefings, and display info, photos, and camera feeds on its 7-inch touchscreen. Its dual speakers with Dolby processing give it room-filling audio, and should you want even better sound, it has Bluetooth for streaming to any compatible speaker. There's also a built-in camera for video chats, and an Intel Atom processor to keep lag at bay. Available in black or white.

  • DJI Drone Goggles

    Unless you're willing to strap on a wingsuit, the sensation of flying is difficult to achieve. The DJI Drone Goggles give you the ability to experience flight first hand with your feet securely on the ground. Depending on the mode, it will turn either the camera or the entire drone based on your head movements, making control incredibly intuitive. Dual 1920x1080 screens provide outstanding visuals with just 110ms of latency, a touchpad control gives you access to other options, and an HDMI input lets you use them with other media sources. Built primarily for the Mavic Pro, they're also compatible with select Phantom 4 and Inspire series aircraft.

  • Mastercard Biometric Credit Card

    Chip cards make our day-to-day transactions more secure. They also make them more frustrating. The Mastercard Biometric Credit Card aims to be even more secure than its predecessors, and much easier to use. By embedding a fingerprint sensor on the end of the card opposite the chip, it lets the terminal authenticate the sale almost instantly, with no need to ever take your hand off the card or for new merchant hardware. The tech is currently testing in South Africa, with tests planned for Europe and Asia in the coming months.

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