Amazon Echo Spot

It's not the only new gadget Amazon's bringing out — there's a revamped, shorter, cheaper Echo, the more powerful Echo Plus, and the HDR-friendly Fire TV — but the Amazon Echo Spot might be the most interesting. Like a cross between the Echo Show and Dot, it has a small, tennis ball-like design that incorporates a circular 2.5-inch screen. As a result, it can handle all the audio-only duties of the Dot, like playing music and setting alarms, but also lets you play video, displays information, and even serves as a clock when it's not doing anything. Ideal for the nightstand or kitchen counter, it comes in black or white.

  • Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard

    The keyboard has been a part of computing since the beginning. The Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard gives this essential input device a substantial upgrade with a single round nub. Called the Crown, it's a touch-sensitive control that lets you adjust specific attributes — such as the exposure in Photoshop, or the width of a column in Word — directly, without needing to visit a menu. It works in a variety of Adobe apps as well as with Office on the PC and is sure to gain more compatibility in the future. Additional features include a rechargeable battery, spherical key dishing that makes for comfortable typing and easier navigation, and backlighting so you can see what you're typing, even in the dark.

  • Conway Electric Extō+4

    The days of trying to hide the extension cord running to your home stereo with a plant are over. The Extō+4 extension cord and outlet from Conway Electric is more piece of art than simply a way to get power from point A to point B, making it something you'll actually want on display. The cotton cord is woven on 50-year-old machines from the Pacific Northwest and the full assembly is put together in Seattle from mostly domestic sources. A cast aluminum housing sits on non-slip, non-marking urethane feet so it won't move once in place, or it can be mounted to any surface with a couple screws. On the technical side, the Extō4 is comprised of 8 feet of 14-guage, 15 amps rated FT-2 flame test cord that's also impervious to oil and water, and a 1800 max watts rating. It also just so happens to be the only 4-outlet modular power source with internal tamper resistant barriers protecting the electric current from little objects, helping prevent shock. Available fully blacked out or in a somewhat more tame ACDC white and black duo.

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