Amazon Kindle 3

Speaking of gadgets that have been usurped by Apple's do-it-all digital dynamos, the new Amazon Kindle 3 ($140/Wi-Fi $190/3G+Wi-Fi) lowers the price of entry while adding new features and removing others. The cheaper model ditches the free, built-in GSM 3G networking for Wi-Fi — the former's still found in the more expensive model — but features a faster six-inch e-ink display with higher contrast, a new graphite color, a new leather cover with integrated LED light, a new "experimental" WebKit-based browser, and double the storage with half the cachet.

  • Clever Hook

    With a name like that, we'd expect a pretty smart design, and the Clever Hook ($10) doesn't disappoint. Housed in a clear acrylic box, this metal self-grabbing hook features a lower arm with small ridges to help with grip, and a unique mechanism that automatically lowers the upper arm once an item is placed on the lower, increasing the pressure according to the weight of the item being held. The only way it could be smarter is if it could actually reach out and grab stuff right out of your hands.

  • Graphite Kindle DX

    If you simply refuse to buy that other 9.7-inch e-reader that does oh-so-much more because it's actually, you know, color, feast your eyes on the new Graphite Kindle DX ($380). It combines all the benefits of prior Kindle models — like Whispersync book syncing, free 3G wireless for book downloads, the largest selection of e-Books around, and a hardware keyboard — in a new stylish graphite body that also sports an improved display with 50% better contrast. Of course, you're missing out on all the new features of Amazon's improved Kindle books, like audio and video playback, but don't let that stop you.

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