Amazon Kindle Oasis

Last year's Oasis packed in some features we didn't know we wanted, like a 6-inch, 300-ppi screen, and a battery-boosting charging cover. The new Amazon Kindle Oasis has one we've wanted for years: waterproofing. IPX8 rated, it's now able to handle beach- and poolside reading without worrying about splashes or accidental dips, and its larger 7-inch 300-ppi screen has an adaptive front light to make sure it's readable in any conditions. You won't mind carrying it all over, either, thanks to its lightweight anodized aluminum back, glass front cover, and available cellular networking. Available in 8GB and 32GB capacities.

  • Cinera Theater Headset

    The first immersive personal theater headset, Cinera, wants to disrupt the entire home theatre industry. Cinera combines the comfort of watching movies at home with the next best thing to watching in a theatre with a headset the size of a book. Install your favorite streaming apps, play from a micro SD card, or use the headset like a television by connecting it to your gaming system or PC. The sound quality is upgraded to mimic what you'd experience in a theatre, and you can even watch films in 3D with the Cinera. And each experience is enhanced at a media resolution that is eight times that of an iPhone and three times that of a movie theatre screen.

    Presented by Cinera.

  • Glow Smart Energy Tracker

    Tracking your home's energy use has obvious benefits — but doing so has typically required complicated, potentially dangerous installation steps. The Glow Smart Energy Tracker makes it easy. Its wireless tracking unit uses magneto-resistive sensing to measure your home's energy consumption directly from your meter box, yet installs in just seconds with no wiring required. That data is sent to the in-home unit, which processes it and uses its top-mounted light that changes colors from green to red depending on your current usage. It'll also send you a notification if it notices extended high usage, like if you left the oven on or the fridge door open, and can even help you set and hit energy usage goals.

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