American Shine Box

Taking care of your dress shoes can be a chore, but it's also the only way to ensure they last. The American Shine Box makes it a little easier. Crafted from genuine hardwoods, the boxes offer internal storage for your waxes, brushes, and cloths, while the top has a wooden footrest and two metal polish bars that make the process as easy as threading a cloth and pulling it back and forth.

  • Jean Hanger

    Drying your jeans isn't good for them. Folding them causes wrinkles and creases. The Jean Hanger takes care of both problems, supporting your precious denim while letting them hang dry and giving them the same importance as your shirts and jackets. The center loop on the back of your jeans goes in the slot in the middle of the hanger, while the ridges on the ends secure the outer loops. The hanger itself is made from a single piece of beech wood, and the hook is screwed in for added security. Time to find some more space in your closet.

  • Nova Ties

    Inspired by the celestial objects found by French astronomer Charles Messier, Nova Ties let you add a touch of sci-fi to an otherwise formal look. It was the clusters M4, M17, and M108, specifically, that artist Kev Nemelka looked to as models, using different mixtures of paint and chemicals to recreate these far-off formations. Limited to just 39 ties, each one is unique, and measures 2.4" at its widest point.

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