Anderson Craft Ales

It's easy to see why Anderson Craft Ales is one of the best new breweries in Ontario. And it's easy to taste why it's so popular as well. All of the breweries beers are made using only four ingredients: Canadian-grown barley, North American hops, crisp, clean water, and yeast. And that same focus on simplicity and minimalism translates to the packaging as well, with bright white cans and crisp typography used for beer names and descriptions. Styles range from Session IPA's to an Amber Ale, a Pumpkin Ale, a Cream Ale and much more.

  • Driftwood Farmhouse Saison

    While American craft beer continues to grow by leaps and bounds, it's seeing a big boost north of the border as well. Driftwood Beer in Victoria, British Columbia is a great example, and their Farmhouse Saison might be your best point of entry. Made for warm weather days, their interpretation of a farmhouse ale uses a long-grain bill and freshly-ground black pepper. They also use Ardennes yeast from Belgium to bring about the banana and clove flavors familiar to Saison fans.

  • Pure Brewing Knot Murky IPA

    Craft beer cans have become as much a work of art as the beer itself. And one of the breweries that appreciate this the most is Pure Project Brewing in San Diego, California. One recent example is Knot Murky; a West Coast IPA brewed in collaboration with another left coast brewer, Beachwood Brewing. The IPA is brewed with Ekuanot, Mosaic, and Loral hops and hits all the classic, clean, West coast style notes you'd expect. It's packaged in these appealing 16oz cans that feature a detailed wood grain pattern that looks realistic enough to feel.

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