Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

A well-appointed bar can be the centerpiece of any adult gathering. For outdoor engagements, it's hard to top the Apollo 70 Airstream Bar. This converted 1970s-era Land Yacht now serves as a transportable bar offering both hot and cold catering facilities and storage for a vast array of beers, wines, and liquors. It comes fully staffed, has a high-end surround sound system with satellite TV for media-focused events, and the fiber optic ceiling and lighting can be changed to match your brand, taste, or mood. Available for hire worldwide.

Photos: Tim Wallace / Apollo 70

  • Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket

    Elon Musk isn't the only billionaire with dreams of exploring the sky. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has similar aspirations — and the Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket is proof. Named for the late astronaut John Glenn, the rocket's first BE-4 engine is complete. Powered by liquid oxygen and liquid methane, seven of the engines will power the reusable first stage, while the second stage will use a single BE-4. After takeoff from Cape Canaveral, the first stage will rise high above the ground before separating from the second. The second stage then continues to deliver the payload to orbit, while the first stage returns to the ground, landing safely on a ship-mounted landing pad. The hope is by reusing the larger first stage costs will be reduced dramatically. New Glenn is scheduled to carry its first package into space in 2021.

  • Vistabule Camping Trailer

    As the weather begins to break for many, the urge to spend time in the great outdoors gets stronger and stronger. And with the return of the teardrop trailer, there are even more reasons to plan an adventure. This Vistabule Camping Trailer has many of the design elements you'll find in a classic teardrop but adds several windows that vintage trailers lack. While it looks relatively compact visually, the Vistabule is much more than meets the eye inside. It packs a queen-size sofa bed, a two-burner cooktop and a sink with running water, and storage for dishes, food, and all your camping gear. Their thoughtful design elements also include a collapsible center coffee table and drop-down nightstand tables. Almost any car can tow the Vistabule, making it a great option as you prepare for camping season.

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