Apparatus Highwire Light

Inspired by the silhouette of French aerialist Philippe Petit — he of Man on Wire fame — the Apparatus Highwire Light strikes a balancing act between art and functionality. It comes in both single and tandem models, and in both small and large varieties, with leather-wrapped "balance beams" measuring 35" and 64", respectively. Finished to order and assembled by hand in New York.

  • Ellum Motion Sensing Lights

    Far more useful than a simple night light, these Ellum Motion Sensing Lights can light your way in the dark without the need for an open outlet — and look great doing it. They use a pair of sensors to detect movement in the dark, turning on their powerful LEDs for 20 seconds when needed. Machined from solid domestic hardwood, they mount easily using 3M adhesive or screws, run on AA batteries, and are available in 22" and 6" variants with White Oak or Black Walnut bodies.

  • Ario Smart Lamp

    Our bodies used to stay in sync with nature, waking and sleeping in accordance with the sun. But we don't live outside anymore. The Ario Smart Lamp automatically adjusts both its color and direction throughout the day, mimicking natural light to help restore your circadian rhythm and improve both your health and productivity. It uses a Wi-Fi connection to choose optimal lighting based on the day, season, and local weather patterns, while also adjusting to your own personalized schedule, and its LEDs ensure that it will last for years to come.

    Presented by Ario.

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