Apple Battery Charger

Apple Battery Charger

Maybe Apple really is becoming the next Sony. The Apple Battery Charger ($30) might be the most random CE product released by Apple this millennia, leveraging the company's super-small iPad/iPod/iPhone wall charger to service six included NiMH batteries, which contain magical™ properties that allow them to last for 10 years while retaining a crazy amount of charge. Just don't tell the great Jobso that they also work well for powering those dastardly Wiimotes.

  • Graphite Kindle DX

    If you simply refuse to buy that other 9.7-inch e-reader that does oh-so-much more because it's actually, you know, color, feast your eyes on the new Graphite Kindle DX ($380). It combines all the benefits of prior Kindle models — like Whispersync book syncing, free 3G wireless for book downloads, the largest selection of e-Books around, and a hardware keyboard — in a new stylish graphite body that also sports an improved display with 50% better contrast. Of course, you're missing out on all the new features of Amazon's improved Kindle books, like audio and video playback, but don't let that stop you.

  • Fresh Traveler

    There's a reason that yogurt parfaits and cereal are popular morning time items at coffee shops and cafés — they're basically impossible to pack with you. Unless, of course, you're rocking a Fresh Traveler ($45). Designed by Arian Brekveld, this double-walled stainless steel bottle keeps your yogurt or drink cold, while a screw-on bottom plastic container keeps your food crispy until you're ready to eat. Probably also handy for mixed drinks, or small batches of Quickrete. [Thanks, Lihi]

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