Aqua Climb

Aqua Climb

Get all the health benefits of rock climbing without the danger with the Aqua Climb ($8,000). Designed to be installed over a swimming pool, the wall features adjustable, interchangeable handholds, a 10-degree angle to ensure that you fall into the pool, protective padding along the sides and base, and a 304-grade stainless steel frame that can handle years of use. [Thanks, Ryan]

  • Brunton Epoch Binoculars

    You know when you were a kid and your dad would pull out that sweet pair of binoculars a couple times a year? No matter how desperately you wanted to use them, they were off limits. Yeah, well, you've got a credit card now. Suck it, old man. Our top pick for optics are the Brunton Epoch Full Size Binoculars ($1,276). These rugged and waterproof binoculars feature a magnesium alloy frame, every protective coating imaginable, and Brunton's Variable Speed Focus System, which makes them the fastest focusing binoculars we've tried.

  • Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag

    Little did you know, there actually is a sleeping bag that you can wear. The Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag ($175) is a sleeping bag/suit that is designed to keep you warm while allowing you the mobility that in the worst of conditions can keep you alive. Because crossing cold rivers or climbing up the side of a mountain can be rough. We tried to climb up the side of Space Mountain, and we didn't even make it half way before we had to defend ourselves with laser guns. True story. Those damn Disney security guards have stuff you haven't even heard of.

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