We're always sad to leave behind the amphibious drunks of the pool bars we visit on our travels, and now it looks like we'll get to make as much fun of our pool guests as we do those strangers thanks to the Aquapub ($TBD). The 'pub is a floating table for six complete with cup holders and two containers in the middle to keep the drinks handy and cold. Sick of the water? Pull the puppy out and you've got a nice table for the poolside or deck, and it will even hold a large umbrella to keep your pasty ass from getting too burnt. Now all we need is some tropical landscaping, a little slide built into the rocks, and plenty of drinks — and maybe a grotto just for good measure. [via]

  • Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike

    Leave it to Mercedes-Benz to create the most bad-ass racing bike on the planet. The highlight of the company's 2006 Bike Collection, the Mercedes-Benz Carbon Bike ($3,670) has an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame that helps keep the overall weight down to 18 pounds. The bike, targeted at both amateurs and professional cyclists, has an impressive bounty of high-tech components from Shimano, including the drive system, gears, brakes, and aerodynamic wheels. The Carbon Bike will only be produced as a limited edition of 199 units, so if you want one you better act fast.

  • Laser Slingshot

    You're looking at the world's first laser-sighted slingshot ($50). Gone are the days of only grazing poor, defenseless animals — the PS-52's laser alignment system ensures you'll kill with pin point accuracy. And if slaughtering and mounting tiny vermin isn't your thing, you can always impress dates by splitting pencils at 20 feet or hitting cans at 60 feet away.

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