Aquor House Hydrant V2

After decades of little progression, twisting and untwisting water hoses into a leaky faucet has become the norm. The Aquor House Hydrant V2 is changing the gardening game by updating the long-forgotten outdoor faucet. Using the same patentend twist-lock connection system as the original House Hydrant, hooking up your garden hose is a matter of plugging in a connector for a leak-free seal. Once its disconnected, the hydrant self-drains so you never have to worry about water freezing. This new model adds a atmospheric vacuum breaker for even better backflow prevention. Compatible with any plumbing type, the hydrant easy to install and the weather-resistant polymer cover is available in aquor blue or slate grey.

Presented by Aquor.

  • Stahl Firepit

    With a simple design that only gets better over time, the Stahl Firepit makes a great addition to your carefully manicured yard or patio. It's crafted from hand-selected quarter-inch A36 hot rolled steel that's purposely left raw, allowing it to naturally lighten as you use it and develop a unique autumn-hued patina. It measures 32" by 30" and stands about a foot tall, and has an ingenious slotted five-piece build that lets you easily take it apart and reassemble as needed.

  • Edyn Smart Garden System

    Gardening can be maddeningly difficult. It doesn't have to be. Planted in the soil, the Edyn Garden Sensor continuously monitors light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition, and moisture, checking this data against plant databases, soil science, and weather trends to give you personalized guidance via the companion app. It also controls the Edyn Water Valve, which automatically gives your plants the right amount of water, ensuring you never over- or under-saturate the ground. In addition, the sensor can tell you what plants will grow best in your soil, giving you a head start towards a green thumb.

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