Aquor House Hydrant

Odds are your home has a water faucet or two on the outside. Odds are they're the same threaded spigots they've been using for decades, requiring you to twist your hoses on and off each time, leaking water everywhere in the process. The Aquor House Hydrant is designed to make such inconveniences a thing of the past. Its patented system connects to your water lines the same as a traditional faucet, yet uses a new twist-lock connection with a leak-free seal to automatically start the water flowing when you connect your hose, and disconnects just as easily. And since the flush mount stops the flow of water deep inside your home, it's frost-free down to -30º F, all while leaving the exterior looking better than before.

  • Stelton Ship's Lamp

    Inspired by classic ships lamps, the Stelton Ship's Lamp is a great way to add a nautical influence to your surroundings without ruining your minimalist decor. The lamp was designed by Erik Magnussen in 1982, and is crafted from satin polished 18/8 stainless steel, with a cylindrical design that helps keep the wind out and the flame going strong. The unique design allows it to be placed on a table, on the ground, or hung from the top, and since it runs on kerosene or oil, you won't even need a lamp trimmer to keep it going.

  • Glowpear Urban Garden

    You don't need to live in the city to appreciate the Glowpear Urban Garden. Designed for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and even flowers, this minimalist planter works both indoors and out, with a modular design for connecting multiple units and an integrated self-watering system that takes some of the worry out of growing. And thanks to the sturdy construction — including an injection molded HDPE planter and glass-filled HDPE legs — you can be sure that it will last for many harvests to come.

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