Arbor Snowboards Element

Arbor Snowboards Element

We're lucky to go skiing once a year, so we're not going to pretend like we need to drop the cash on a killer snowboard like this. We'll just stick with the craptastic rental gear. But if you're one of those guys we envy, shredding on your board weekly while we're inside watching Nip/Tuck, then you should check out this bad boy. The Element ($500) is made with koa wood, or "warrior" tree, which was first used 1,000 years ago by the ancient Hawaiians to build the original surfboards. Now that's old school cred.

  • Evolve Epoch-3 Golf Tee

    Yes, we said golf tee. Apart from the crazy tees that look like small rockets, golf tees haven’t changed a lot in the last 80 years. That’s why we were very surprised when we heard about a new tee that was popping up on tour — the Evolve Epoch-3 ($5 for 15). The tee’s unique design reduces tee to ball contact by over 93% compared to traditional wood tees, which helps add distance and accuracy and reduce side spin. Good stuff — now we just need it to stay warm for a few more weeks of teeing it up. [via bookofjoe]

  • Texas Holdem Poker Table

    If you're serious about hosting weekly card games, you should really consider moving the boys to a dedicated table — one that's not used for eating. The 85-inch Texas Holdem Folding Poker Table ($370) is the best we've found for the price. It has built-in cup holders for each of the 10 player spots, a dealer area with a 500-chip tray, metal folding legs, and an extra large padded armrest. You get your choice of green or burgundy felt, both of which are washable.

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