Arc 3D-Printed Bicycle

Designed and built by a group of four Dutch college students as part of a three-month research project, the Arc 3D-Printed Bicycle is a great example of the technology's potential. The students partnered with Amsterdam-based MX3D to utilize their printing process, which uses articulated robot arms to print structures in mid-air, thus allowing for far larger objects to be made than with a traditional printer. While the spider-like frame of the bike could bring weight savings in the future, the current prototype weighs roughly the same as a normal bike, with a fixed gear configuration and off-the-shelf fork, handlebars, and seat.

  • Loop Elliptical Pool Table

    Based around some sound-yet-obscure geometric laws regarding ellipses, the Loop Elliptical Pool Table lets you play a skillful game of pool on a smaller table and with only three balls. To play, you set the eight ball on a dot opposite the pocket, flanked by the yellow and red balls. The two players then shoot at one or the other colored balls, attempting to drop it, followed by the black ball. It looks easy, but when you realize that the game's all about indirect hits and using the angles of balls bounced off the rail, it becomes a far more formidable — and enjoyable — challenge.

  • Adidas Ocean Plastic Concept Shoe

    Just in case you haven't been paying attention, there's a huge amount plastic floating around in our oceans. Parley for the Oceans intends to do something about it, and part of that includes repurposing the junk into useful products. Like the Adidas Ocean Plastic Concept Shoe. This prototype shoe has an upper made from ocean plastic content, as well as a 3D-printed midsole made from recycled polyester and gillnets. No word on when or if it will become a production item, but the sooner we get the trash out of our water, the better.

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