Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System

People have been enjoying the smooth flavor of cold brewed coffee for centuries. But only recently were there multiple ways to enjoy it at home. The Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System lets you make your own from the comfort of your kitchen. It has a sleek design consisting of a stainless steel micron filter with laser-cut holes, a matching stainless lid with a silicone gasket to keep the contents fresh, and a 1.5L carafe made from borosilicate glass that holds enough concentrate for up to two weeks of drinks. Whether you prefer it hot, cold, on ice, or mixed into something a bit more powerful, it's a great way to get yours just the way you like it.

  • Skid Wooden Chef Knife

    With a body of wood that's seamlessly married to an extremely sharp blade, the Skid Wooden Chef Knife elevates this essential kitchen tool to the level of functional art. Each body is made from a single block of sustainably-sourced Robina wood, rich in tannins that give it natural self-cleaning and antibacterial properties — just a rinse is all that's needed for cleaning. The 7.5-inch blade is made in Germany from high-alloyed carbon steel, and is connected with the body/handle using a proprietary method. It's finished by hand and designed to last a lifetime.

  • Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper

    Developed in collaboration with MIT-trained researchers, the Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper makes it possible for you to brew pro-quality coffee at home. The capillary-inspired design features forty inner ridges — each smaller than a drop of water — that direct and move the coffee with speed and precision. Its porcelain walls are thinner than most drippers, retaining heat while saturating more evenly, and the 4 mm nozzle enables an ideal flow from the spout to the cup. The dripper complements the rest of the Blue Bottle holiday collection, which includes cups, mugs, serveware, a travel kit, and, of course, the all-important coffee beans, including two collections available exclusively over the holidays.

    Presented by Blue Bottle.

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