Ario Smart Lamp

Our bodies used to stay in sync with nature, waking and sleeping in accordance with the sun. But we don't live outside anymore. The Ario Smart Lamp automatically adjusts both its color and direction throughout the day, mimicking natural light to help restore your circadian rhythm and improve both your health and productivity. It uses a Wi-Fi connection to choose optimal lighting based on the day, season, and local weather patterns, while also adjusting to your own personalized schedule, and its LEDs ensure that it will last for years to come.

Presented by Ario.

  • Lucy Sunlight Bender

    No artificial lighting can compete with the actual sun. That's why the Lucy Sunlight Bender doesn't create light. Instead, it uses an adaptive mirror and a series of intelligent sensors to track the sun throughout the day, keeping it focused on the same spot — just like a lamp. And since it's always in the sun, it can run solely off solar power, setting you free from the constraints of your home's existing wiring.

  • Bare Light

    Exposed filament, Edison-style bulbs have been a popular choice with architects and interior designers for some time now. The Bare Light extends this design trend to the next most logical place: the light socket itself. Suspended by a cloth cord, this fixture features a glass socket that exposes the light's inner workings and allows refracted light to illuminate the space above. Crafted by expert glass blowers in Los Angeles; bulb not included.

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