Artifact Uprising Volumes

We're taking more photos than ever. And appreciating them less. Artifact Uprising Volumes make it incredibly simple to have your best shots printed and compiled. Simply add your favorite photos to a folder of your choosing, and once you've got 50 images in there, the service automatically creates a new book from them. You get a choice between softcover or hardcover books, as well as the color of the cover, and since everything's automated, you won't get hung up trying to pick the perfect images to print.

  • Redacted

    There are plenty of times you might want to share an image or screenshot while keeping part private. Maybe it's hiding the identity of an ex, or blocking out a phone number when showing a text conversation. Whatever the case, Redacted can help. This dead-simple app makes hiding whatever you want as simple as tapping and sliding. It handles existing photos, new photos, and even pasted photos with ease, and gives you three options for how you'd like to hide whatever it is you're removing: by pixelation, with a heavy blur, or with the classic black box.

  • Fender Play

    Fender is on a mission to save the guitar. According to Fender's CEO Andy Mooney, 90% of people who get a guitar quit playing in their first year. With the rise of electronic-based music, the guitar hero has become a bit of an anachronism, and this trend worries companies like Fender. But they're fighting back. The best way to retain players is to teach them to play and keep them picking, and that's exactly what Fender Play is all about. The subscription service offers simple beginner lessons up through advanced courses with accomplished musicians in a variety of genres. The guitar isn't dead yet, and Fender wants to bring it an infusion of fresh blood.

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