Asahi Beerbot

Asahi Beerbot

If there's anything we like more than robots, it's beer-pouring robots. The Asahi Beerbot ($800) became an internet star when videos of it first appeared, and now you have the chance to own one yourself. The 'bot stores and refrigerates six cans — although it was designed for 350ml Japanese cans, it works with 355ml American cans just fine — and features a programmable voice, cleaning mode, and child lock. Beer. Pouring. Robot.

  • Keyport Slide

    It's not fun carrying around a full keychain — not only does it make for a massive bulge in your jeans, it can also damage your car ignition if your chain is too weighed down. The Keyport Slide ($TBA) promises to alleviate this situation by offering you a simplified housing that holds all your keys. The universal key fob keeps your keys secure in a small, car remote-sized package. Just don't lose it. [Thanks, Evan]

  • SteriPen Adventurer

    If you enjoy traveling abroad, you really need to consider picking up a SteriPen Adverturer ($110). This tiny UV water purifier destroys viruses, bacteria, and cysts, and can purify 32 oz. of water in just 90 seconds. You simply hit the button, put the tip in the water, and stir until the blue light goes off, letting you know it's done. Sure, you can always drink beer, but if you're like us, that'll probably get old by the sixth or seventh day. Don't forget the SteriPen Solar Charger/Case ($43).

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