Asprey Sterling Silver Safe

The name might suggest that it's a safe with unique features for storing sterling silver. Instead, the Asprey Sterling Silver Safe is made from it. Crafted in the company's workshops, the eight-inch cube has a working safe mechanism, silver dial, and silver feet. A perfect place to keep your most valuable items, as well as the perfect prize for the jewel thief who wants the safe to be as valuable as its contents.

  • Samsung Dex Desktop Dock

    Amongst the features of the new Galaxy S8 is one you won't discover until you park it on your desk. The Samsung Dex Desktop Dock allows it — and presumably future Samsung phones — to become an Android-based desktop, connecting to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a more versatile experience. Thanks to partnerships with Microsoft and Adobe, you get access to versions of apps like Microsoft Office and Lightroom that simply aren't possible with a touch interface, while keeping all the versatility and mobility that comes with having a computer in your pocket.

  • Stanley Model 1 3D Printer

    At its most basic, a 3D printer is just another tool. A tool that can make other tools, but still, a tool. So the Stanley Model 1 3D Printer makes perfect sense. This compact desktop printer can create objects up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 185 mm in size, and automatically loads and unloads its filament using refillable cartridges. You can control operation from your computer or via the 5-inch built-in touchscreen, and monitor the process via the built-in webcam. Easy enough for a beginner and powerful enough for experienced users, it's a solid addition to any workshop or office.

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