While there are plenty of apps out there that attempt to turn your mobile device into a graphics tablet, most are buggy, slow, are a pain to setup, and rarely work. Built by former Apple engineers, Astropad transforms your iPhone or iPad into a Retina-screened, professional graphics tablet for your Mac, is easy to setup, and actually works when you need it most. You can even enjoy a zero lag experience working offline, as it works both wirelessly and over USB. This professional tool for photo editing and drawing is also now available as an Apple watch app for customizable shortcuts from your wrist.

Presented by Astropad.

  • Angel's Cup

    True coffee nerds are always looking for their next great sip. Angel's Cup makes it easy to find new coffees, and remember the details of ones you've tried before. This free app lets you record tasting notes on everything from the beans that arrive via the companion subscription service to your local shop's seasonal roast. For beginners, there's a flavor wheel that helps you visualize your thoughts, while old pros can use a more advanced chart. For the subscription coffees, you can compare your own notes with the roastmaster's, and all of your notes are automatically saved in the cloud so they're accessible from anywhere.

  • Triller

    Modern apps and powerful smartphones have made editing photos easy. But when it comes to editing videos — especially videos set to music — it's still pretty difficult to come away with an acceptable result. Triller aims to change this by starting with the song instead of the video. To use it, you open the app, select a song either from your library or from the app's featured tunes, choose the portion of the song you want to use, and shoot multiple takes that last the whole duration. From there, you can add filters to the video before the app's intelligent algorithms take over, automatically stitching together smaller clips from each take to create a video that should mimic the output of a professional editor. Note that we said editor, not film crew, so the quality of the clips is still very much in your hands.

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