Audi Lunar Quattro

Built to compete for the $30 million dollar Google Lunar XPRIZE, the Audi Lunar Quattro is the first four-ringed vehicle not meant for terrestrial use. To complete its mission, it'll have to traverse at least a half kilometer of rocky lunar landscape, while beaming high-res images and video back to Earth. During the journey, which will take an estimated five days, it will need to hitch a ride on a rocket, and deal with temperatures as high as 250º F. In order to overcome these challenges, it's built from a mix of high-strength aluminum and magnesium, uses a pair of stereo cameras to navigate obstacles, has a swiveling solar panel to charge up the battery powering its four hub motors, and, of course, takes full advantage of Audi's legendary all-wheel drive system.

  • Tipron Projection Robot

    We get the benefits of having a screen in every room of the house. We also understand it's not practical for most people. The Tipron Projection Robot can give you a screen up to 80 inches on any wall (or ceiling) you want. It does so by connecting a moving base to a transforming body and projector-laden eye. The ability to transform, coupled with a projector unit that can adjust roll, pitch and yaw and features keystone correction, means it will work at a variety of heights and angles. It has a built-in speaker and Wi-Fi, an HDMI input, a 5 megapixel video/still camera, and sensors to keep it from bumping into stuff. With the companion app, you can designate places and times for it to arrive, and with Internet tie-ins, you can have it display things like a news feed, Twitter, or YouTube playlist on demand.

  • Parrot Disco Drone

    Who said all drones have to be quadcopters? The Parrot Disco Drone has a propeller, but looks far more like a traditional airplane than a futuristic camera-wielding robot. The lightweight design houses a Full HD camera in the front nose, as well as ground sensors, Wi-Fi, GPS, and three-axis stabilization for incredibly easy control. It can fly for up to 45 minutes, automatically fly a predetermined route and return home, and is also compatible with VR headsets for a first-person view of every flight. And it doesn't take much knowledge to get it off the ground, either — if you can throw a paper airplane, you can get it in the air.

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