AudioEngine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

To be sure, there are far, far cheaper ways to make a Bluetooth connection with favorite music system. But few if any are likely to sound as good as the AudioEngine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver. The B1 improves upon your average Bluetooth dongle in several ways, specifically by sporting Bluetooth 4.0 with support for the aptX codec, and by packing a high-quality 24-bit upsampling DAC inside. It also offers a longer range — up to 100ft — than most solutions, features a classy aluminum case, and boasts audiophile-grade connectors for both the optical digital and RCA analog outputs, ensuring that everything sounds as good as it possibly can.

  • DJ Connect

    One of the most important parts of DJing is seamlessly cueing up one song to follow another, matching the beats for a transition the audience barely notices — but if you play music from your Mac or iOS device, only having one audio output can make that difficult. With DJ Connect, you get a device that connects to your laptop, iPad or iPhone, letting you split sound between your headphones and an RCA output. When paired with their award-winning app djay, you can control volume in your headphones, cueing up a song while playing another song through the RCA output. And with three cables included (USB, Lightning, and 30-pin), there's no limit to the Apple devices you can play music through.

  • Soundsight Headphones

    Sometimes your desire to share and the available methods just don't meet at the middle — live-tweeting doesn't cut it, instagramming isn't nearly enough, and a status update just won't do. It's those cases that call for the Soundsight Headphones. These wireless headphones feature full audio- and video-recording capabilities thanks to five microphones and a full-HD rotating camera, so you can record and even live-stream anything and everything. And with up to four hours of battery life while recording, and an included app that lets you edit on the fly, mix sound, and more, you'll never miss an opportunity to share again.

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