Audubon Bird Call

Given its simple appearance, we'd have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the Audubon Bird Call ($9) — if it hadn't been doing its job for over 70 years. Invented by Roger Eddy — who was also an author and a politic in the Connecticut state legislature — this simple call is made from cast zinc and birch wood in Rhode Island, and emits a generic tweeting noise that draws curious birds in.

  • Zippo Outdoor Gear

    Yes, they really do make more than just lighters. Zippo Outdoor Gear ($25-$300) is an all-new line of camping equipment, including a dependable Windproof Stove that borrows tech from the aforementioned lighters to keep the fire burning, a rugged, stylish All-Terrain Grill with an oversized stainless steel work surface, a log carrier, a 4-in-1 Woodsman tool that serves as a saw, axe, mallet, and puller, a LED-based Rugged Lantern, and the unique Utensil Tree for keeping all your grilling tools safe and off the ground. The bad news? You won't be using any of it this year, as the lineup doesn't launch until Spring 2013.

  • Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator

    It doesn't matter if you're preparing an emergency kit or simply looking for a way to power your wilderness weekend getaway shack — the Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator ($1,800) has you covered. This silent generator charges up its 1250 Watt Hour battery in just 24 hours using the dual included solar panels, which allows it to power critical appliances like refrigerators and AC units while also charging up your gadgets with three USB ports, all without the nasty fumes and miserable sound associated with traditional gas generators.

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