August Doorbell Cam

Its sibling can already control your lock. So it only makes sense to let the August Doorbell Cam see who's at the door. Like the aforementioned lock, the cam was designed by Yves Behar, and integrates a one-way, 140-degree HD video camera, speaker, mic, and motion sensors into a single stylish plate. The system lets you see who's been at your door, even if they don't ring the bell, communicate via audio, and even buzz visitors, all from your phone, even if you're not at home. As an added bonus, the unit also acts as a Wi-Fi relay for the Smart Lock, letting you lock and unlock your door from anywhere.

  • Aquor House Hydrant

    Odds are your home has a water faucet or two on the outside. Odds are they're the same threaded spigots they've been using for decades, requiring you to twist your hoses on and off each time, leaking water everywhere in the process. The Aquor House Hydrant is designed to make such inconveniences a thing of the past. Its patented system connects to your water lines the same as a traditional faucet, yet uses a new twist-lock connection with a leak-free seal to automatically start the water flowing when you connect your hose, and disconnects just as easily. And since the flush mount stops the flow of water deep inside your home, it's frost-free down to -30º F, all while leaving the exterior looking better than before.

  • Breed Retreat Chicken Coop

    Keeping your own chickens in your backyard can be both sustainable and healthier than relying on farm-produced ovals from the store. Unfortunately, most coops look like they belong on a farm, not in a backyard. The Breed Retreat Chicken Coop is a rare exception. This multi-level coop is built from wood, finished in black with an extra coating for durability, and sports an architectural design that won't look out of place next to your clean-lined home.

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