August Smart Lock

With Lockitron finally hitting doorsteps in July and the Kevo heralding the big-name lockmakers' entrance into the market, it seems 2013 will be quite the year for smart locks — and the August Smart Lock ($200) is the sleekest one we've seen yet. Designed by Yves Behar, the August is a simple anodized aluminum circle that installs over the interior portion of your existing deadbolt, and uses LED indicators and open/close chimes to let you know its status. As for its smart credentials, it uses a combination of Bluetooth, an app, and encrypted locking technology to let you open the door automatically and ensure that anyone who needs access can get it while those who don't, can't.

  • Woolly Pocket

    Spring is on its way, so what better time to start livening up your living space with some actual living things? The Woolly Pocket ($27) is a stylish wall planter that makes it quick and easy to add real plants to any semi-sunny spot in your home. Made from BPA-free recycled plastic, the planter features a self-watering 1.5L reservoir with easy access watering holes that attaches directly to the wall. Once it's in place, you can plant your plant your planter in the patented vented shell and hang it on the reservoir — making it nearly impossible to kill your plant as long as you remember to water regularly.

  • Turf Pro Grass

    Not looking forward to grass mowing season? Do away with the chore altogether and install some Turf Pro Grass ($7/sq. ft.). Available in a variety of colors and textures, it's safe for humans and pets, is easy to clean and maintain, and has a life expectancy of 20 years. But best of all, it keeps you from needing to weed, mow, fertilize, water, or otherwise tend to that filthy stuff that grows from the dirt.

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