Aura Breathalyzer

Ever been in limbo about whether or not you're safe to drive after a couple drinks with friends? The Aura Breathalyzer ($150) aims to improve your judgement in those situations, and is doing it with a product that not only works well but looks great too. Utilizing fuel cell sensors, the same technology used in police handheld devices and most court-issued vehicle ignition interlock systems, this breathalyzer gives you the peace of mind needed to decide whether to get behind the wheel or ask for a ride home. And the sleek, scratch resistant display only adds to the attractiveness of an already incredibly practical product.

  • Braun ET66 Calculator

    Some consumer products leave a lasting mark on the design world, inspiring others to innovate (and in many cases imitate) for generations — a disproportionate number of those things came from Braun, and in particular, industrial designer Dieter Rams. The Braun ET66 Calculator ($50), though an incredibly simple device, is an often-copied piece of industrial design. Go ahead, grab your iPhone and open up the calculator app — it ought to look pretty familiar. While there are plenty of calculators (and apps) out there with more robust functionality, there are none as iconic.

  • Cordli Case

    Keep all the excess cable that comes along with your headphones under wraps, while protecting your iPhone, with the Cordli Case ($15-$25). This iPhone case (designed to accommodate an iPhone 4 or 4s) has grooves and clips that weave across its back, letting you stow away 10 to 20 inches of headphone cable. It's perfect for storing shorter headphones while they're not in use, or for taking out some of the slack in a longer cable, avoiding bulk in your pocket. While not yet available, an iPhone 5 case is in the works, and should be ready soon. Available in blue, black, or white.

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