Aurora Bubble Sled

Make your trip to Finland all the more remarkable by booking passage on the Aurora Bubble Sled. Based out of Kilpisjarvi, this unique experience has you and a guest board a heated sled and be towed into the wilderness via snowmobile for unrivaled views of the Northern Lights. Large windows in the rear and ceiling let you take in the scenery in comfort, and if you're feeling truly adventurous, you can get dropped off for an overnight stay.

  • The Parachute Hotel

    Located in the heart of Venice Beach between the PCH and Pacific Ave, The Parachute is a one-of-a-kind accommodation. This 2,200 square-foot penthouse has a spacious master bedroom, an open floor plan with kitchen, and an outdoor patio with fireplace that's a perfect place to enjoy the Southern California weather. It also serves as a place to test out the company's line of high-end bedding. Designed in Venice Beach, it's made by expert craftsmen from around the globe, using responsibly-sourced, quality materials. From simple sheet sets to towels and throws, one stay at this location and you'll be sure to order some for your own home.

    Presented by Parachute.

    Photos: Parachute

  • Artist Residence

    Set on the most charming street in Penzance, Artist Residence is less a home for starving painters and more a relaxing place to enjoy some original artworks. Each of the 19 rooms in the historic Georgian house and the adjacent cottage have been designed by British artists, and range from the subdued to the mural-covered. There's also a smokehouse and a bar and lounge on site, and there are plenty of other restaurants, shops, galleries, and pubs on the idyllic seaside streets surrounding the retreat.

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