Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves

You don't need to be a getaway driver to get away with wearing a pair of Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves ($110) — but it wouldn't hurt. A leather palm gives you a firm grip on the wheel without the need for white knuckles, and a crocheted-cotton back keeps your hands from getting clammy when you're weaving through lanes. The short, split cuff keeps your watch within easy view, so you'll always know when it's time to put it in gear and go.

  • Tanner Driver Glove

    Driving is fun. Driving in the snow and cold can be fun. But driving with cold hands? Never fun. This Tanner Driver Glove ($75) keeps the fun factor high and your digits warm with authentic deerskin that starts out supple — to give you better feel behind the wheel — and further and softens and conforms to your hands over time, until it's almost a part of you. A part that you can take off when the weather gets warm. Which is good, because you'd look rather suspicious rolling around with gloves on during the summer.

  • General Mfg. Wilson Keyring

    If you're simply looking for something elegant to hold your myriad keys, the General Mfg. Wilson Keyring ($10) is well worth a shot. Formed from a single piece of 1/8" brass wire, each ring measures a pocketable 2" x 1.125", can hold a completely unpocketable number of keys, and features a small enamel marking in one of three colors — red, blue, or grey — to help you easily identify which set you're grabbing (should you happen to own more than one).

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