The check engine light — that enigmatic indicator that can signal anything from a loose gas cap or old spark plugs, to a worn out catalytic converter or an empty windshield fluid reservoir — is hardly an effective way of remaining in-tune with your car. But with Automatic you can finally decode that uninformative light, letting you know what kind of help your car needs and potentially saving a trip to the mechanic. And that's not all it does: helping improve your car's fuel economy, alerting emergency response in case of a crash, and automatically remembering where you parked are just a few incredibly-useful features. Add in that its beautifully-designed iOS and Android apps are constantly updated with new functionality, and you get the partner your car always needed.

Presented by Automatic.

  • Flir One Thermal Imager

    Hardcore handymen can tell you that thermal imaging is a lifesaver for finding water and air leaks, spotting overloaded electrical connections, and many other household issues. The Flir One Thermal Imager brings this power to your iPhone 5 or 5S. This advanced add-on combines the thermal image with the photo from a military-grade night vision camera to provide outstanding picture clarity, letting you see what's hiding in plain sight, whether it be a problem in the house, an animal in the dark, or just who's putting off the most heat at the gym.

  • GoTenna

    Anyone who's ever had their power go out or seen their cellular service disappear at a sporting event knows how convenient it can be to have a backup way to contact friends in your general vicinity. GoTenna provides exactly that. These backup communication devices pair with your phone via Bluetooth LE, then use low-frequency radio waves to communicate between each other, offering an easy way to share your location or send out a text. There's also end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages, so your security concerns should be few, and the GoTennas themselves are water-resistant and dust-tight, so you don't have to worry if you want to take advantage of them on your next outdoor adventure.

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