Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100 Coffee Maker

You've always wanted your coffee maker to resemble a military jet engine, you just didn't realize it until you saw the Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100 Coffee Maker. Constructed using aviation-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and aluminum bronze, it's a single serving, high-pressure brewing system. Despite it's intimidating design, it's incredibly easy to brew your morning coffee, and since it's limited to only 100 units, it's as much of a collector's item as it is an avenue for your next caffeine fix.

  • Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper

    Developed in collaboration with MIT-trained researchers, the Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper makes it possible for you to brew pro-quality coffee at home. The capillary-inspired design features forty inner ridges — each smaller than a drop of water — that direct and move the coffee with speed and precision. Its porcelain walls are thinner than most drippers, retaining heat while saturating more evenly, and the 4 mm nozzle enables an ideal flow from the spout to the cup. The dripper complements the rest of the Blue Bottle holiday collection, which includes cups, mugs, serveware, a travel kit, and, of course, the all-important coffee beans, including two collections available exclusively over the holidays.

    Presented by Blue Bottle.

  • Esbit Titanium Camp Cutlery

    Eating on-the-go can be a bit of a challenge when you have to use cheap, plastic utensils. But there's nothing challenging about Esbit Titanium Camp Cutlery. Esbit has been making stoves and cookware for more than 75 years and adds to their utilitarian line with this great set of cutlery. Included is a fork, deep-bowl spoon, and serrated knife. All are made from 100% durable, lightweight, heat resistant, strong, non-corrosive titanium with no metallic taste. Easy to clean and transport for your next camping trip, each utensil is full-sized and the set includes a silicone sleeve to keep things together when you aren't using them.

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