Avionics V1 Electric Bike

Electric bicycles are all the rage. From high-tech offerings like the Neematic FR/1 to the more casual Pedego Airstream, there's something for every purpose and budget. Avionics is on the verge of releasing their own electric bike, each one of which gets its own custom name. The distinctive look walks the line between minimalist modern and decidedly retro, all accented with parts made from Jatoba wood. The battery and motor case, brake levers, fork covers, seat, and headlight bucket are all made from the extremely tough wood. But an electric bike wouldn't be electric without a motor. The Avionics features a 5,000 watt brushless DC engine, capable of a frame-bending 92 ft-lbs of torque and 75 miles of riding. Preorders start in September of 2017.

  • Trondheim Trawler

    Completely electric — and thus nearly silent — yet capable of extended voyages, the Trondheim Trawler is a one of a kind vessel. It comes in sizes ranging from 30 to 43 feet, with the ability to handle waves over 13 feet high and winds over 40 knots. Range per tank is over 900 miles in the smallest model and over 2,500 in the largest, and Scandinavian design means the interiors are as stylish as the outside.

  • Workhorse SureFly Personal Aircraft

    In case you haven't noticed, the race to build a flying car is over. The race to define personal mobility has just begun. The Workhorse SureFly Personal Aircraft is a drone-like two-seater perfect for urban life. Eight independent motors power eight carbon fiber propellers, all run by a gasoline engine. There's a battery backup in case that fails, and a ballistic parachute for worst-case scenarios. With a range of up to 70 miles and a running time of one hour, it has the capability to make your morning commute way less obnoxious.

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