We're big fans of Zipcar, the car sharing service, so it only makes sense that we'd be pumped about B-Cycle. A collaboration between Humana, Trek, and ad house Cripsin Porter + Bogusky, B-Cycle will soon be launching in Denver, with expansion plans in the works. Simply walk up to the B-station kiosk, pay, grab a bike, and go — you can drop off the bike at any other B-station with an empty dock. Just don't forget to bring a helmet.

  • Cannondale OnBike

    When it comes to bikes, we'll take simplicity over feature bloat any day. The Cannondale OnBike (£4,000; roughly $6,150) exemplifies this idea, albeit at an astronomical price. Limited to a run of just 250, the stealthy OnBike features a fully enclosed drivetrain with a custom SRAM i-MOTION 9-speed hub gear and disc brakes, a handmade aluminum frame, Octopus pedals, and Schwalbe Kojak Bad Boy tires.

  • Necker Nymph

    Fulfill your wildest Steve Zissou fantasies aboard the Necker Nymph ($25,000/week). Designed and built for Sir Richard Branson by renowned engineer Graham Hawkes, the Nymph is an open-cockpit winged submarine, allowing its passengers to experience unencumbered 360-degree views of the deep. The unique underwater craft uses downward "lift" on its wings to dive, and can stay down for up to two hours. Unfortunately, it's only available when chartering the 105-foot luxury catamaran Necker Belle, or when staying on Branson's ridiculously awesome private Necker Island, so the 25 grand-per-week chartering cost is the least of your worries.

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