Babolat Play Pure Drive

Sensors have been used for fitness tracking for a while now, but they've only recently started to infiltrate the realm of competitive sports. Take the Babolat Play Pure Drive for example. Billed as the world's first connected tennis racquet, it features sensors built into the handle that record everything from shot power and ball impact location to number of strokes, total playtime, energy, and rallies. When you're done for the day, simply sync it up to your phone or tablet over Bluetooth, or bust out the USB cable to view your stats on a PC. Best of all, it offers all the same physical specifications as the standard Pure Drive, so you don't have to sacrifice performance just to analyze it.

  • Jetsurf Motorized Surfboards

    If you aren't a surfing purist but always dreamed of riding a board across the water, a Jetsurf Motorized Surfboard ($13,500+) might be just the thing you're looking for. It boasts a powerful engine, is handcrafted with ultra-light carbon and Kevlar, and is designed precisely to fit with your luggage. The board will get you up to 35mph without a wave in sight, which means surfing is not only no longer limited to the purists, but also is no longer limited to the coasts.

  • Peloton Cycle

    Going to the gym these days can be a real mess. Dodging muscle bound bros, sweaty dudes that scream while they workout, and dealing with unreliable equipment makes even showing up a difficult decision. The Peloton Cycle makes those issues a thing of the past, and could keep you out of the gym permanently. The bike features a near-silent belt drive system, a magnetic resistance flywheel, and a sweat resistant 21.5" Full HD, multitouch console that connects to your home wi-fi. Watch an instructional cycling video, or something that has nothing to do with your ride at all and feel the calories, and those gym membership fees, melt away.

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