Bacon Floss

Bacon Floss

If you haven't noticed, we like bacon. So it should come as no surprise that we're digging Bacon Floss ($5). This waxed floss is flavored like crispy fried bacon, making the normally tedious process of flossing a little more fun.

  • Dr. Cool & Dr. Hot Bags

    If you're a little sore from the pickup game on Sunday like us, you'll know why these guys are essential. The Dr. Cool & Dr. Hot Bags ($16 each) are IV bags filled with techno-chemicals that, when frozen or heated, help ease your pain. Just remember to place the bags on your sore spot, and not hook these up to a real IV setup. Yeah, yeah, we already know you have "ice water pumping through your veins" on the court. Ass.

  • Bach Rescue Remedy

    We're always suspicious of stuff like this, but there are an awful lot of 5-star user reviews for this to be a total hoax. Based on the Bach Flower Remedies — 38 plant and flower-based natural remedies created in the 1930's by an English doctor — Bach Rescue Remedy ($10) combines five flower essences and a good bit of brandy to help you deal with any stressful situation. Mix in some drops to a glass of water or tea, or drop a couple directly onto your tongue. The stuff is apparently also great for calming down pets and crazy kids.

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