Bacon-Scented iPhone Alarm Clock

There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly-cooked bacon. Now you can enjoy that experience every morning with Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell The Bacon. This simple device plugs into the bottom of your iPhone, and works in parallel with a specially-designed app to release the unmistakable scent of premium bacon at the selected time, making everyday — whether it's a work day or the weekend — a little bit easier to face.

  • TopoCharger

    These days dedicated GPS devices are a bit of an outdated concept, with turn-by-turn directions, maps apps, and more as features on just about every smartphone available. But when it comes to exploring off the beaten path, relying on the maps on your smartphone (and its somewhat limited battery life) can be a scary concept. With the TopoCharger you get the latest topographical maps, and a built-in battery charger for a device you're already used to carrying everywhere. It doubles your battery life, while still working off the grid, thanks to your phone's own GPS capability. And with a powerful included app, you can set waypoints, take photos, save routes, and much more.

  • In1Case

    Keeping a multitool in your pocket isn't that big of a deal, but there are times when it's nice to be as unencumbered as possible. That typically means leaving behind everything but your ID, cards, and phone at home. With the In1Case, you can retain some of the multitool utility without having anything extra in your pocket. Hidden in slots built into the polycarbonate case are blue and red pens, phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a nail file, tweezers, scissors, and a toothpick, as well as a kickstand for viewing video. All that's missing is a flashlight camera radio — on other hand, that pretty much covers everything.

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