Bacon Shaving Cream

We all know that while there are many fine fragrances out there, few can begin to compare to the perfection of bacon. Now you can wear that scent proudly by working up a rich lather of Bacon Shaving Cream ($15). Crafted by the bacon masters at J&D's, this high-end cream includes moisturizers and essential oils to leave your skin feeling great and heat-activated aromatic technology to ensure that you smell like wonderful, glorious bacon for hours.

  • Rinser Brush

    From the department of How Did No One Think of This Before, we bring you the Rinser Brush ($22). This ingenious toothbrush sports a built-in scoop that funnels water to a small hole on the top, creating an instant fountain for rinsing out your mouth — hence the name. Features include a button to control the fountain, a no-nonsense design, and GreenerStep Snap replacement heads to ensure that the brush stays useful way after its first bristles are shot.

  • Tobacco Beard Oil

    Tame your wild beard while coating it in manly fragrance with Tobacco Beard Oil ($70). This all-natural oil is made from jojoba, hempseed, and marula oil, while giving off tobacco and floral scents — perfect for making you smell like a pipe-smoking gardening enthusiast.

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