Bad Elf GPS

Decide the extra 130 bones for the LTE iPad wasn't worth it? We can't blame you — but that also means you're out of luck when you need some GPS action. Unless, of course, you've got Bad Elf GPS. This tiny accessory provides high performance 66-channel WAAS to give you GPS latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and tracking, all without built-in hardware. It draws power from your Lightning connector, so there's no extra battery to charge — and if you do need to charge your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch while in-use, it features a pass-through Micro-USB port.

  • Moment Lenses

    We love our smartphone cameras. And while we sometimes wish they were a little more versatile, there's nearly always been some issue with the available add-on lenses — either requiring a bulky case, or requiring no case at all, or otherwise using some shady adhesive that we wouldn't trust on the outside of a lunch pail. Moment Lenses are different. Designed for iPhones 4 and up and Galaxy S2s and up, they use a thin, case-friendly adhesive metal strip for an attachment point, a bayonet-style mount, and quality optics to give your device both wide-angle and telephoto powers.

  • Mophie Space Pack

    We don't have to tell you that a good case for your iPhone can preserve its life — saving it from accidental drops and other wear and tear. But the Mophie Space Pack ($150-$180) will do you one better. In addition to providing some extra battery life for your iPhone 5 or 5s, the Space Pack will also give you some much needed storage, with either 16GB or 32GB of capacity available. An easy-to-use file management system, Airplay and Airdrop integration, as well as the ability to easily access any kind of file at any time let you stop worrying about hitting your storage limit on your phone.

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