Bagel Smart Tape Measure

It's about time someone finally upgraded the conventional tape measure. With three measuring modes and a digital display, the Bagel Smart Tape Measure will make counting tiny ticks and fighting a metal blade a thing of the past. Use the retractable string for when you're measuring more than just straight lines, like a waistline, or flip it on its side and wheel it along any surface with one hand. For really hard to reach areas, point the ultrasonic sensor at a wall or ceiling to track the distance up to 16 feet. The Bagel will automatically save up to 100 measurements or can send them directly to your smartphone. A mobile app will organize and analyze your measurements and can help you create virtual blueprints, purchase the right size clothes, and keep track of weight loss. Its lithium polymer battery lasts up to 24 hours and can be recharged with any micro USB cable.

  • Poritz & Studio x Uncrate Toolbox

    You already know you should try to buy tools that'll last a lifetime. But what about your toolbox? Handmade from 75-year-old reclaimed tropical walnut from Nicaraqua, our latest collaboration is finally complete, and it's one you'll want to keep forever. The Poritz & Studio x Uncrate Toolbox is a handsome tool carrier that's been ebony stained on the outside and left a natural walnut on the interior. A simple storage system keeps smaller items in the top tray and larger items down below. It's also a woodworking wonder in its own right, using intricate finger joints for all corners, and a slotted lid and tray that are perfectly integrated with a sleek handle that emerges from the bottom of the box. Standing at a manageable 18 x 8 x 10 inches, this isn't an 8-foot-tall garage beast with speakers and a phone charger, but more of a home for the tools and gear you need quick access to as you maintain your Money Pit. And actually, this toolbox might just make you want to keep your tools even handier — like on a shelf in your living room.

  • Filzer Buckster Bow Saw

    A saw can be a very handy thing to have when you're in the wild. The Filzer Buckster Bow Saw lets you pack one along with you without securing an unwieldy blade to your bag. It has an all-aluminum frame, with a stainless steel tensioning system and a comfortable rubber handle, and can handle trees and logs over a foot in diameter. Yet the whole thing packs into a single tube measuring 19 inches long and less than an inch and a half around, and it weighs just 1.3 pounds so it's easy to pack along with you.

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