Ballfinger Reel-To-Reel Tape Player

With a classic design that's as timeless as it is technical, the Ballfinger Reel-To-Reel Tape Player is the ideal tool for enjoying esoteric recordings. The controls on the left-hand side of its hefty aluminum chassis are for playback, while those on the right handle recording. It's compatible with rolls up to 30mm in size, can be operated vertically or horizontally, and thanks to the ultra-precise digital counter on the front, you'll know the elapsed time down to the hundredth of a second.

  • Lenovo Smart Assistant

    It may remind you of an Amazon Echo. There's a good reason for that. Developed in collaboration with Amazon, the Lenovo Smart Assistant packs Alexa's smarts into a more decor-friendly package. Like the Echo, it has an array of 360-degree, far-field microphones to let you turn off lights, order pizzas, or hail an Uber using nothing but your voice. It also has a 5W tweeter and 10W woofer for music, but should you decide you need something a bit more powerful, there's an all-black, Harman Kardon-powered edition with a larger sound cavity for improved performance.

  • Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker

    There's a reason turntables and CDs are still around: no matter how good wireless audio gets, it has a hard time competing with wired, high-res sources. The Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker uses new UHQ technology to upscale any incoming audio to 32bit output, resulting in lifelike music no matter the source. The speaker itself is impressive, with a bass response going down to 35Hz, algorithms that work to cut down on distortion, and a "wide-band" tweeter that expands the sweet spot. Dual wheels offer control of volume and streaming services, Bluetooth support is unconfirmed but highly likely, and the contemporary metal finish should look great in any room.

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