Bamford Custom Bikes

If the name looks at all familiar to you, it's probably because you've seen you share of Bamford Watch Department's bespoke luxury timepieces around. But with Bamford Custom Bikes, they take the concept a step further, and apply it to the world of high-performance bicycles. Tailoring a custom bike to your exact specifications — right down to road feel, weight, and body fit — they make each piece of the frame from carbon composite in a one-off process. From there you can go on to select each component and design a paint scheme that's completely original to you.

  • Quadski XL

    The original Quadski was awesome, as it successfully combined a four-wheeler and a jetski, creating a sort of ultimate solo beach/lake/camping mobile, but it had one glaring problem: namely, it only supported a single rider. Enter the Quadski XL. Boasting a larger body and a 1300cc BMW engine, the XL is ready to let up to two people hit the trails and the water at speeds of up to 45 mph on either surface, making it that much more useful as a discreet aquatic/woodland hookup couple-friendly vehicle.

  • Personal Viking Ship

    Live out your fantasies of sea-faring exploration and pillaging with this Personal Viking Ship. Sold by The Viking Ship Museum and hand-built to order by skilled craftsmen using authentic tools in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde, these ships are as close as you can come to inheriting an ancient vessel that belonged to a distant ancestor. Oh, and should the personal size not be up to your standards, don't worry — there's a full range of models, including the intimidating, nearly 10-meter-long Gokstad battle cruiser.

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