Bandit Rubberband Guns

With Bandit Rubberband Guns ($25-$35), you can build your own arsenal of rubberband-firing shotguns. Each kit comes with laser-cut wood pieces, plastic fasteners (and a package of 130 rubberbands), so you can assemble your gun without glue or tools. Choose from two designs, either the sheriff shotgun, or the outlaw shotgun — or get both and have a duel with your buddy. Both guns have multiple firing modes like single shot, rapid shot, and shotgun blast, and can fire rubberbands up to 25 feet.

  • Ziphius Aquatic Drone

    Just because your name isn't James Cameron (explorer of the sea), doesn't mean you don't deserve to discover the ocean. And if you can't afford your own deep-water submersible, but still hear the call of the deep, the Ziphius Aquatic Drone ($245) might better fit your budget. With two powerful turbines, it can move across the water at speeds up to 6mph, for up to an hour, controlled entirely by an app on your tablet or smartphone. A 720p HD camera lets you capture video and photos, so you can record sailing, surfing, and swimming adventures, or stealthily observe life underwater.

  • Lego Sydney Opera House

    There are few modern buildings more recognizable than the Sydney Opera House, with its shell rooftops, harbor views, and striking lines. The Lego Sydney Opera House ($320) does a remarkable job of recreating this 20th-Century architectural marvel in the form of a 11" by 25" by 15" model. Modular construction and new building techniques will keep you intrigued throughout the build. With nearly 3,000 bricks (including the largest blue-stud baseplate they've ever made and a wealth of dark tan bricks), this set is a worthwhile challenge for the most advanced lego builders. Available in September.

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