Bare Conductive Electric Paint

Soldering is hard. Using Bare Conductive Electric Paint ($10 and up) is easy. This ingenious paint is nontoxic, solvent-free, water soluble, and most importantly conductive, allowing you to simply draw usable circuits on a variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic, fabric, and even conventional circuit boards. It comes in handy, easy-to-use tubes, as well as jars — for larger applications — and in a variety of sets that include instructions and materials for completing a variety of electronics projects.

  • Kano DIY Computer Kit

    There's no denying it, computers, software, hardware, microprocessors, control nearly every thing we interact with on a daily basis — from the cars we drive and the toys we play with to the appliances we use and the conveniences we rely on. In spite of this, comparatively few people understand computing technology. The Kano DIY Computer Kit aims to change that, empowering everyone from grade school kids to adults and everyone in between to build and program their own computer. These kits include all the things you need to build a functioning computer — but the fun doesn't end there. Once you've completed your computer, you are free to program games, and other software, hack into the command line, and much more. It's the embodiment of the idea of learning while doing.

  • Auug Motion Synth

    Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a fully-functioning instrument with the Auug Motion Synth ($70) — a combination grip for your device, eight-button synthesizer app, and a cloud-based service for sharing synth presets. These combine to form a highly-capable synth instrument that lets you easily control music using the app's keys, and the motion of your hand, changing pitch and tone as you move. Use each of the buttons to play notes, control external synth hardware, even apply effects to your vocals. The grip lets you comfortably hold your phone, while interacting with the buttons, so you can play naturally, moving freely around the stage or studio.

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