Bare Light

Exposed filament, Edison-style bulbs have been a popular choice with architects and interior designers for some time now. The Bare Light extends this design trend to the next most logical place: the light socket itself. Suspended by a cloth cord, this fixture features a glass socket that exposes the light's inner workings and allows refracted light to illuminate the space above. Crafted by expert glass blowers in Los Angeles; bulb not included.

  • Flyte Levitating Light

    Combining magnetic levitation with wireless power transmission tech dating back to Nikola Tesla, the Flyte Levitating Light is modern day magic masquerading as illumination. Its shatterproof LED bulb floats and rotates slowly in the air above a sustainably-sourced wood base, which plugs into a standard power outlet and lets you turn the light on and off with a single touch. As an added bonus, the base doubles as a wireless charging station, so it serves a purpose even when you don't need the light on.

  • Smfx Smart Bulb

    Take control of your home's lighting with the Smfx Smart Bulb. Available with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, this LED-based bulb lets you adjust the brightness, color, or power status right from your iOS or Android device. It can reproduce 16 million different colors, is good for 40,000 hours of use, and, in case you're in the mood to party, boasts a Disco Mode that changes the light along with the music.

    Presented by Smart FX.

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