Basis Health Monitor

Keeping track of your health is hard. The Basis Health Monitor ($200) makes it easy. It's a watch, so you don't look weird wearing it around, and it packs a galvanic skin response sensor to track your sweatiness — and an optical sensor to track bloodflow — to paint an accurate picture of your health. Which means less doctor visits. Which means fewer hours spent looking at the tongue depressor jar.

  • Zeo Sleep Manager

    Trips to the sleep clinic are expensive. The Zeo Sleep Manager ($100) is not. This sophisticated system consists of a sensor headband that tracks your actual sleep stages through the night and an iOS app that sorts through all the data, providing you with colorful, easily digestible charts and pointers on how you can enjoy more restful sleep. Oh, and it also functions as an alarm, waking you up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. Zeo: because your smartphone didn't know enough about you already.

  • Demonbells

    Integrating kettlebells into your workout is a great way to quickly build muscle — but they aren't exactly the most attractive things to have laying around your house or office. Demonbells ($80-$200) aim to solve that problem by adding detailed face designs — and a lot of attitude — to the front, making them equal parts fitness tool and conversation piece. [Scouted by Brandon]

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