Batman Shakespeare Bust Switch

Batman Shakespeare Bust Switch

Back in the day, Batman — Adam West in those days — used a switch hidden in a Shakespeare bust to enter the Bat Cave. Well, now you can too with the Batman Shakespeare Bust Switch Replica ($300). Push back the bard’s head and you reveal a switch that can turn on and off anything plugged into the bust. Nice for those times when you want discreet access to your hidden hoard of SweeTarts.

  • Biorb Aquarium

    This modern fish tank caught our attention because we've always hated cleaning our aquariums and usually end up with a whole bunch of floating fishes due to our laziness. The stylish Biorb ($75-$200) is a low-maintenance aquarium with a filter system that combines mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration to keep the water healthy and clear. It comes with a light, air pump, and all necessary tubes and accessories. Available in 4, 8, and 16 gallon sizes.

  • Surf Green Fender Classic 50's Stratocaster

    The Stratocaster has long been an icon of American music and ingenuity, and some of the best of these models came out in the 1950’s. The Fender Classic Series 50's Strat in Surf Green ($630) represents a simpler time when rock n’ roll still meant rock n’ roll — not a general classification of ten or more genres of music. This bad boy features a solid Poplar body, a 21 fret Maple neck, vintage style synchronized tremolo, 3 “classic” single coil pickups, and “aged” pickup covers & volume knobs. Plus, it might be familiar to anyone who has visited the Hard Rock Cafe in Newport Beach, CA — they have an original model signed by The Beach Boys hanging on their wall.

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