Baux Pen

Bic pens are pretty much ubiquitous, used for everything from the community pen at your local bank to the giveaways you find in hotels. Unfortunately, that commonality also makes them rather... boring. The Baux Pen ($25/2-pack) aims to fix all that. Named after aluminum ore, this sleek pen is crafted from machined aluminum, available in grooved or smooth versions, and in one of five colors — natural aluminum, or one of four anodized shades. The best part? You can customize it using any color Bic you can find, giving you nearly endless tip/lid combinations to choose from.

  • Steelcase Gesture Chair

    Most office chairs are designed to give us comfort and support as we sit in front of a computer all day — but with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, we're pulled away from our desktop setups more and more. The Steelcase Gesture Chair was designed with this change in mind. As such, it's built to support a wide variety of postures and sitting preferences, promising to give you support whether you're banging away at a keyboard, casually browsing a report on your iPad, or cranking out a quick text on your phone. Oh, and it doesn't look too shabby, either. Coming this fall. [Scouted by Ken]

  • Minimal Float Wall Desk

    It doesn't matter whether you're looking to open up some floor space or simply want a stylish new workstation — the Minimal Float Wall Desk ($700) can do both. Made from either walnut or rift oak, this sleek desk mounts directly on the wall at any height you choose — meaning it can work as a sitting or standing desk — and features softly rounded ends and a full-length slide out tray for your keyboard, mouse, and/or writing pad. There's only one drawback: with a design this clean, you're going to want to make damn sure that you hide any cables as best you can.

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